Burjeel Healthcare Announces a new Day care Hospital in Baniyas and Liwa

Burjeel Medical Services was established out of a desire to provide world-class, specialized and superior healthcare complemented by a warm and personalized human touch to the growing population United Arab Emirates.

The advanced technology combined with all-round expertise ensures the best in diagnostic, curative as well as preventive aspects of healthcare



    1.How to start a medical facility under Health Authority, Dubai Health Authority and Ministry of Health?
    2)What are the steps to be taken to establish a medical facility in U.A.E.?
    3)How to get a medical professional license from HAAD, DOH, and MOH?

    4)What are the Basic requirements and qualifications to be licensed as a Medical professional in HAAD, DOH, and MOH?



    5)Where to get the continuing medical education for licensing and renewals?
    6)How to get exams in HAAD, DOH, and MOH?
    7)Which are the medical professionals in terms of rare availability in U.A.E?
    8)How to get the patient escort service for domestic and foreign clients?

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